Friday, January 1, 2016

A Christmas Carol

The theme dinner has come and gone, and it now seems like a blur. I planned and thought about it for so long, and they seem to go in a flash. One of the main reasons I chose this movie besides my father were that I already would have Christmas Decorations up in my mother' house so there would be no prep in that area.

The menu for the dinner was rolls, a turkey (I don't like goose), Veggies, plum pudding, peppermint ice-cream cake ( plum pudding is small) and potatoes. The Kratchets did not eat a huge meal, but I had a big family to cook for, so I made two turkeys. It went really well, and I didn't know how much I felt towards it until I was in the middle of it all. I started to cry off and on during the whole dinner and experience and could hardly hold it back. It felt really personal, special and emotional. I could feel my dad there and enjoying the festivities. This dinner was special and wonderful and I am so glad I got to share it with my family. I might just make it a yearly tradition.

My brother's helping to carve the turkeys.

Peppermint Ice-cream Cake

The toast that "Mr. Kratchet" made, it was actually my brother Aaron. I bawled when it did it.

The ghost of Christmas Present
For the Ghost of Christmas Past I gave everyone a gift that represented my dad, it was full of fun special little things, and a dvd slideshow of his life.

For the Ghost of Christmas Present I gave everyone a gift that had Christmas Memories and a printable of lines from the movie.

For the Ghost of Christmas Future, there was a picture of my dad with Santa Claus, it mentioned how he always kept Christmas in his heart and that we should make that vow and promise to each-other. I literally sobbed during this part. My emotions were very present and raw, there isn't a moment that goes by that I do not miss him.

The business sign

Plum Pudding

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and discovered what Christmas is really about.

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