Thursday, January 18, 2018

3 Years...

Each life that touches ours for good...
Three years have come and gone and we still think of you daily and miss you. So thankful that you were and are my father. May we all learn to treasure each moment we have with one another.. blessings this day.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Old Patterns

This year has started out hard for me... two years ago around the exact time, I got bronchitis. I started to feel sick around Christmas and by after New Years I was really sick. Well, old patterns repeat themselves.

Instead of starting off with the bang everyone does, I have tried to feel better. I have been to the doctor and am on some heavy antibiotics and fighting a horrible cough, fatigue and chills. I am hoping with some time and rest I will be able to start my year off getting some things done, but I guess for now I am going to take a nap... I can't wait for the moment I can breathe without hacking up a lung.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Passing of our beloved prophet Thomas S. Monson

It is a sad and somber day for those who are members of the LDS church. President Thomas S. Monson who as long as I have been alive has been a figure head amoung the leaders, has passed away. 

I found myself sobbing in the car this morning about it. Although I can say I personally never met him, I loved him, followed him, listened to his words and called him prophet, teacher and friend. You will be missed, but I am happy to know that he as of today once again joins his beloved spouse Frances. You kept the faith and were an incredible example. Vaya Con Dios.

"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.."
                                                                                           -2 Timothy 4:7

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2017 in Review

This year has flown by, I still can't believe that we are into the very first few days of 2018. 

2017 was one of great change, heartache, rejoicing and fantastic personal and family moments.. thought it would be fun, to show or mention just a few of the highlights that took place.


January is a hard month, not just because it is cold, dark and snowy, but also because it is also the month my father passed away. It kind of made it a hard month for my family. I swear generally, once we get through January, the rest of the year goes by so fast. I am really working on finding something to love about it, and also finding good things about it. I need to find the joy in the dead of winter and give that joy and light to my mother as well. She needs extra light this time of year.

Fun moment my family had sledding.

Fun moment from New Years we had..


I love Valentines Day... not because I am in some fantastic relationship, but it is fun to celebrate the love you have for others. I always throw my annual Valentine's Day Dinner, which is always a joy.

During the month as well I got to go up to Kimberly Idaho and celebrate my nephew Cameron's Birthday, watch him play Basketball as well as throw a mini Valentines with them as well.


March had so much happen, so much.... As you can tell, I love any reason to celebrate a holiday with the family and kiddos and did my annual St. Patrick's Day Dinner. (I am noticing I have a ton of annual events, ha ha, already making me tired typing this out, ha ha)

This year I tried to add more fun movies into the repertoire and also bought a projector, so I am thinking 2018 has a lot of fun possibilities... I of course had us watch my favorite movie for that time of year,"Darby O' Gill and the Little People." The decorations and treats were fun, for this year I need to nail down a menu though. Not all love Corn beef and Cabbage, so I might just need to go more Irish and Green food, maybe more potatoes and cheeses.... hmmm.. so many ideas to think of...

In March, my sister Sarah got engaged to her now husband Harry and he celebrated it by hosting a surprise dinner engagement party at our favorite Brazilian Restaurant. It was so fun to know the big surprise of the engagement and the party before her... it was also hard to keep it secret with the kiddos.

I got to celebrate the birthdays of two of my nephews as well which was a lot of fun.


In April, I had fun visiting my brother's family in Ohio. We went to Hawking Hills, played games, did Easter Activities and enjoyed playing with their new puppy Benson.

Within a few hours of being back, I was in fully into Easter. I had pre-planned my Easter Egg Hunt with the kids and enjoyed snapping some photos and throwing an Egg Hunt.

Easter Morning

Easter Egg Hunt


In may in my family we celebrated 4 birthdays, including my own, did ballet recitals, piano recitals, marathons siblings were in and also I took a trip up to Kimberly and took my sister's Family photos and also took advantage of throwing a "Trolls Party" with their kiddos.

Trolls Party Cupcakes

Besides that... you throw in Mother's Day and Memorial Day and the whole month is busy and full of fun.

Bacon 5K, part of our neighborhood Memorial Day race.


Since there are always birthdays in such a large family, in June we celebrated my niece Emily's birthday, had a family picnic at the park and celebrated Father's Day with the fathers in my family.  Never a dull moment.

Father's Day

Ezra T. Clark Family Reunion... it was a lot of work, but so worth it.

My niece Emily's Birthday Dinner.


4th of July Fun

I also got to celebrate, video and photograph my Uncle's 70th Birthday. My Uncle Steven is the closest thing to my dad now, and he even shares the same birthday as my father. It was an honor to celebrate him.


I threw my annual theme dinner this year as well, Alice in Wonderland. It was so fun and went really well. This year should be fun and I have already picked out the new theme, which I will announce soon.

After my theme dinner, my family had their annual milkshake contest. It was a lot of chaos and fun, and there were several winners and great shakes made.

My sister Sarah bought a new house with her fiance at that time which had a pool, so we also got to spend a fun afternoon or two playing in the pool.

My nephew Kellan played his first season of soccer, which I tried to make it to most of the games for.


I had so much fun starting a new tradition of going to the Fairy Tale Festival with my niece Cora. She had so much fun having her own princess tea party. It was fun to spend one-on-one time with her.

The BYU vs. Utah Football game (Above) also happened and since we have fans of both teams in the house we had fun at my sister's home tailgating swimming and the nieces also performed a back yard dance for me. (Below)

My sister Sarah also graduated from school and is now a licensed Nurse Practitioner, we are so proud of her.

I also had fun this year with my Harvest Dinner, made new games and cooked new food, it was a lot of fun and it was bringing fun traditions from my childhood.

I loved hiking and seeing the leaves this fall, it was honestly the prettiest fall we have had in Utah the entire time I have lived here.


In October we celebrated multiple family birthdays, halloween, adventures to Antelope Island, playing in the leaves, and biggest of all my sister's wedding.. it was jam packed.


November was fun and crazy. We played in leaves, dealt with a house fire down the street at my brother's home and also enjoyed a trip to Gallipolis Ohio for Thanksgiving... I am already tired thinking of it all, ha ha.

Thanksgiving skit my nieces put on before our trip

The trip to Gallipolis was fast, jam packed, but a lot of fun. I miss those kiddos.


With December now over, we celebrated in all the fun traditions... some featured below or shown in recent posts.

Trip to Kimberly Idaho to see niece's dance recital and play with the kids.

My niece Cora also had a fantastic piano recital.

So much else happened this year, it was so full of fun and events, but I am enjoying these few days of trying to physically recover from 2017, get over a cold and prepare for the fun of this year. I have lots of fun plans and things I am going to do this year... it will be exciting.

Family Sledding

While my family was here they took advantage of the snow that had newly fallen. Since I am not all that physically able, more like able to recover, and was feeling sick already. I went and watched and documented it all, but did not participate. One day I will participate, one day. It was really fun to watch the nieces and nephews get into it and just have the time of their lives. It reminded me of when I was a kid and would go sledding with my siblings, we would just keep going and going, it was so fun to watch the new generation do the same.